Webinar Announcement:Structural Racism in the Food System

Please join the eXtension CoP Community, Local and Regional Food Systems for a webinar. We are partnering with the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association and the Center for Regional Food Systems at Michigan State University to present:


Resources for research and outreach on structural racism in the U.S. food system: Insights from the 4th edition of MSU Center for Regional Food Systems’ Annotated Bibliography


Description: The fourth edition of the Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the U.S. Food System will be available in mid-February; this document provides an up-to-date list of publications and resources on structural racism present in the US the food supply chain. Join bibliography co-authors, Rich Pirog (MSU Center for Regional Food Systems) and Jane Henderson (University of San Diego), for a discussion of this unique resource and the importance of using a racial equity lens for food system students, educators, researchers, and practitioners.


When: Feb 17, 2017 11:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)


Please register here and be sure to include any questions you have about the Annotated Bibliography or how to apply it to your work.




After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.




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Field Day Sponsored by Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

A Seed Starting Demonstration; Preparing for Spring Planting; and Featuring the Farm’s 7 High Tunnels, Greenhouse, and Field Production




We can do something special, if we work together!  The Alliance, partners and local farmers have shown that willingness to work together.  The first, and most important priority, was to make a real investment in the skill and knowledge development of farmers and aspiring farmers.  To date, 51 field days have been conducted since we started in 2012.  Field days are now being hosted by local farms, located throughout the state.  Thanks to all of you, these on-farm hands-on learning opportunities have been a success.  Together we can leverage the work of these local farms and local farmer networks, forming through these field days, to champion a revival of family farms.


With your continued support and involvement, 2017 will be AWESOME!  We are pleased to have so many new host sites – local farms, Mississippi State University and Alcorn State University Research and Demonstration Farms, and Mississippi Department of Education’s Vocational and Technical Centers.  This year we hope to conduct 12 monthly field days and 4 Follow-on Workshops/Field Days.  These quarterly Follow-on Workshops/Field Days are designed to help farmers adopt critical agricultural practices and appropriate technologies that are essential to growing their operations and accessing larger and larger markets.  As an example, during one of the quarterly Follow-on Workshops/Field Days on irrigation and water management participants will not only find out about the latest irrigation technology, but also learn how to install and operate an irrigation system for a small farming operation.  Anyone interested in hosting a field day/training or getting more information should send an email to keithmdp@yahoo.com, ASAP!







Special thanks to Ole Brook Organics for hosting this event.  Topics included: “Preparing for Spring Planting and High Tunnels; Nutritional Value of Specialty Crops: Turmeric, Blueberries, and Muscadine; and Featuring the Farm’s Turmeric and Ginger”.  Experts/presenters included: Dr. Girish K. Panicker, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Conservation Research with Alcorn State University (ASU); and Dr. William B. Evans, Associate Research Professor, Truck Crops Experiment Station with Mississippi State University (MSU); and Al Buie, farm owner.


I had to miss this one because I’m recovering from surgery, but everyone is saying the field day was great.  Participants came from all around the state and really enjoyed the experience.  Many participants stayed long after the program ended.  Robbie Pollard with the Happy Foods Project, did a great job kicking off the program.  Local NRCS staff provided information and discussed their programs with field day participants.  Dr. Panicker from ASU, Dr. Evans from MSU, and Al Buie did a great job.  Al Buie provided a nice review of the farm’s history and vision.  Participants gave very high marks during the taste testing of his new line of organic ginger tea.  Participants also got dirty harvesting in the high tunnel and all took home turmeric rhizomes, ginger, melon and gourd seeds.



WE ARE PLEASED THAT THE FEBRUARY 17TH FIELD DAY WILL BE HOSTED BY THE MISSISSIPPI BAND OF CHOCTAW INDIANS.  The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians operates five farms, 18 high tunnels and one greenhouse that are utilized for wholesale and CSA shares. Two of their farms are the ONLY tribally-owned certified organic produce operations in the nation.  The three other farms will become certified organic this year.  This event will be held at their Farm I, between Carthage and Kosciusko.  Farm I is one of their USDA Certified Organic farms and consists of seven high tunnels, one greenhouse for plug production, and one acre of field production.  High tunnel and field crops include tomatoes, tomatoberrys, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, and collards.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!


Topics will include: “A Seed Starting Demonstration; Preparing for Spring Planting; and Featuring the Farm’s High Tunnels, Greenhouse, and Field Production”.  Experts from Mississippi State University Extension Service, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, Alcorn State University Extension Program, and experienced farmers will participate and help to provide greater support to local farmers and growers.




There is NO COST to attend this event, but PRE-REGISTRATION is required!

TO REGISTER SEND EMAIL TO: keithmdp@yahoo.com


Help us get the word out!  Post the attached flyer.  Send out an email broadcast or communication to your members, colleagues, and others.


Remember these events are hands-on on-farm learning opportunities, so always wear comfortable shoes and clothing!



Farm I is located at 7810 County Line Road, Carthage, Mississippi, between Carthage and Kosciusko.  From North: Take Hwy 35 South from Kosciusko to Dossville (5-6 miles).  Take a left onto County Line Road, just past Dossville sign.  Turn right into first gravel drive about 1/4 mile off of Hwy 35.  From South: Take Hwy 35 North from Carthage to Dossville (12-14 miles).  Take a right onto County Line Road, just past Dossville sign.  Turn right into first gravel drive about 1/4 mile off of Hwy 35.  Contact: Daphne Snow, General Manager of Choctaw Fresh Produce 601-575-9089 for help with directions.  TO REGISTER EMAIL: keithmdp@yahoo.com(Pre-registration is required) 



We MUST do more to support local farmers and growers, especially small farmers.  Toward that end, we introduced a new plan showing how to become highly profitable and sustainable on a small family farm.  The plan highlights some basic agricultural principles/practices; practical budget/financial options; and realistic revenue projections.  YES, YOU CAN HAVE A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE ON 1-ACRE OF LAND, WHILE BEING SUSTAINABLE!  The plan is attached.  Let us know if you would like someone to speak to your group or if you would like to demonstrate these practices on your farm.



Farmers and growers need more practical information, in addition to that shared at our monthly field days.  So, we highly recommend the resources, vendors, and suppliers listed in this attachment based on the quality of their products and services.  This list includes reliable sources for seeds, tools, supplies, equipment, programs, etc.  We also loan out some DVD’s and books (FREE).  TWO NEW COMPANIES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE LIST!



“Being sustainable, as farmers and in life, means we’re environmentally sound, financially viable, and socially responsible.  If we are destroying the environment, can’t make any money, or don’t care about the world around us – we can never be truly sustainable”.


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Food Safety Training Opportunity

The Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion will host an Acidified Canned Foods (ACF) Training and General Food Safety Training for Mississippi Certified Farmers’ Market Vendors and the Cottage Food Industries. The workshop is designed to teach the basics of food safety and regulations for processing […]

via Food Safety Training Opportunities — The VeggieDr Blog

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Visioning of US Ag Systems Listening Session Announcement

DATE:               January 25, 2017

 SUBJECT:        USDA Announces Visioning of U. S. Agriculture Systems for Sustainable Production Listening Session on Thursday, March 2, 2017 will begin at 8:30 a.m. and is scheduled to end by 5:00 p.m.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a Visioning of U. S. Agriculture Systems for Sustainable Production Stakeholder Listening Session. This stakeholder listening session is for those interested in the long-term healthy and viability of U. S. agriculture and for concurrently improving the economic, environmental, security, and health benefits to the United States through agriculture over the next fifty (50) years. The announcement appeared in the Federal Register (82 FR 8174, January 24, 2017).

The text of the USDA notice can be found at the following link:


Registration to attend the stakeholder listening session in person must be submitted by FEBRUARY 27, 2017 and written comments must be submitted by MARCH 9, 2017. All questions about this listening session should be directed to the point of contact listed in the USDA announcement.

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Commercial Red Snapper Fishing

According to Gulf FINFO, “red snapper (Fig.1, Lutjanus campechanus) is also known as American red snapper, American reds, Caribbean red snapper, genuine red snapper, Mexican snapper, Northern red snapper, and snapper.” This fish species is sought by avid recreational fishermen and commercial fishing businesses in the Gulf of Mexico States. The Gulf red snapper fisheries […]

via Commercial Red Snapper Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico Region — Mississippi MarketMaker Blog

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Mark your calendars for the next MFPC meeting!

Please join the Mississippi Food Policy Council for our second quarterly meeting of 2017!

Date:  Friday, April 7, 2017

Location:  Mississippi State University CAVS Extension Center

153 Mississippi Parkway, Canton, MS

Time:  11:00 a.m. – 1:30 PM

Lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP by March 15,  to Judy Belue at jwbelue1@gmail.com

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Join the Mississippi Food Policy Council

Why join the Mississippi Food Policy Council?

Food Policy Councils (FPCs) provide a unique forum for diverse stakeholders to come together and address common concerns regarding food policy including food systems, food security, farm policy, food regulations, health, and nutrition. FPCs are springing up around the country because no government agency deals specifically with food policy, though several different agencies deal with different aspects of food policy.  FPCs work at the state, local, or regional level to shape policy, promote public education and communication, evaluate current policies, and launch and support programs. 

The mission of the Mississippi FPC is to advocate for food and farm policies that build healthy communities and strengthen local food systems. The Mississippi Food Policy Council employs the following strategies to improve our food system:  (a) Strengthening the connections between food, health, natural resource protection, economic development and the agricultural community. (b) Researching, analyzing and reporting on information about the local food system. (c) Advocating for and advising on food system and food policy implementation. (d) Promoting and providing education on food system issues.

Membership in the Mississippi Food Policy Council has excellent benefits:

  • Be an advocate for good health, food and sustainable agricultural policy and practices in the State of Mississippi.
  • Stay informed about proposed policies, legislation, and initiatives and how they impact Mississippi food and farm policy.
  • Vote for the Board of Directors of the Mississippi FPC.

 Membership levels and their respective dues:

  • Individual – $35.00                                                 
  • Student – $20.00     
  • Agency/Business/Non-Profit – $50

Terms of Membership:

Government agencies are non-voting members.  Each business or non-profit has one vote per paid membership.  Businesses and non-profits may have additional votes as long as dues are paid for each representative.

Dues are payable to the MFPC upon submission of the application form.

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