Innovation at Work- Making Corner Stores Healthier

From Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition:  “Policy and environmental interventions that make healthy dietary choices easier are likely to achieve the greatest benefits and broadest reach when it comes to obesity prevention in the United States. Currently in the US, there are many areas where there is minimal access to healthy food, commonly in low-resource communities and those with a greater proportion of racial/ethnic minority populations. Healthy corner stores, including small grocery stores, have demonstrated success in increasing availability and sales of healthier foods, expanding consumer knowledge, and improving dietary behaviors.”

“The goal of the Snack&GO effort was to assist corner and convenience stores in providing and marketing healthy snacks (as defined by nutrition standard criteria) to shoppers. The evaluation assessed the feasibility of working with corner and convenience stores in increasing access to healthy snacks, as well as how effective efforts were in promoting healthy snacks to customers. The Snack&GO corner store effort was piloted in stores in 4 counties in Nebraska, and will be expanded to schools this year. Overall, storeowners reported positive experiences with the program, indicating that Snack&GO was easy to implement and contributed to their goal of being recognized as a place where healthy items can be purchased. While customers generally reported low recognition of the program, storeowners observed steady sales for these items and were able to respond to further customer requests. The storeowners have plans to continue with the program and possibly expand in the future.”       Read the final report here.

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