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…..Linette Dodson? You can, but only if you come to the MFPC 3rd Annual Farm to Cafeteria Conference!! Register here.

A recent news excerpt about Linette and Carrollton City Schools said:

“The key to success in the nutritional program lies in empowering the students. Students are educated on nutrition in science and physical education classes. They are given an increasing number of choices as they progress from one school to the next. Bulletin boards and posters remind students of healthy food choices. Students on each school’s Nutrition Advisory Council are even consulted on new recipes and cooking techniques suggested by local chefs.

“We do a lot of nutrition ed within those groups,” says Dodson, “And then we let those students be ambassadors for our program to the other students.

Buying higher-quality foods is generally more expensive, but some of that cost has been offset by the numerous grants that Dodson has acquired, including a USDA Planning Grant, which will allow her to serve more food purchased directly from local farms.As her work gains ground within the schools, Dodson hopes the principles of nutrition will prevail throughout the community. Her next projects will work toward increasing partnerships to build community involvement. But as always, Dodson’s primary concern is the students.“I hope that we’re laying a foundation [for] healthy choices that will follow them throughout their life.”

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