Most Innovative Women in Food Named by Fortune and Food & Wine Magazines

Long-time friend of the Mississippi Food Policy Council, Emily Broad Lieb topped this year’s list of Most Innovative Women in Food!  The list, released by Fortune and Food & Wine, highlights women who had the most transformative impact in the last year on what we eat and drink.

“We considered hundreds of entrepreneurs, activists and idealists to single out those who have had the most transformative impact in the past year on what we eat and drink.” —Christine Quinlan, Elyse Inamine, Carson Demmond and Daisy Alioto

Emily Broad Lieb – Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic

According to the United Nations, the world produces more than enough food for everyone on the planet. Yet billions of pounds end up in landfills every year. Leib is taking on the hunger epidemic by focusing on legislation to address labeling and to make donating easier. “For most foods the date on the label is about freshness, not safety,” she says. “There are no guidelines at the federal level and inconsistent ones on the state level that are not based on actual science. We want to make labeling laws clearer, so when people pick up a yogurt, they know when it’s OK to eat it and when to throw it out.” This common-sense approach has the potential to transform our system, with the ultimate goal of getting more food to those in need.

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