Join the Mississippi Food Policy Council

Why join the Mississippi Food Policy Council?

Food Policy Councils (FPCs) provide a unique forum for diverse stakeholders to come together and address common concerns regarding food policy including food systems, food security, farm policy, food regulations, health, and nutrition. FPCs are springing up around the country because no government agency deals specifically with food policy, though several different agencies deal with different aspects of food policy.  FPCs work at the state, local, or regional level to shape policy, promote public education and communication, evaluate current policies, and launch and support programs. 

The mission of the Mississippi FPC is to advocate for food and farm policies that build healthy communities and strengthen local food systems. The Mississippi Food Policy Council employs the following strategies to improve our food system:  (a) Strengthening the connections between food, health, natural resource protection, economic development and the agricultural community. (b) Researching, analyzing and reporting on information about the local food system. (c) Advocating for and advising on food system and food policy implementation. (d) Promoting and providing education on food system issues.

Membership in the Mississippi Food Policy Council has excellent benefits:

  • Be an advocate for good health, food and sustainable agricultural policy and practices in the State of Mississippi.
  • Stay informed about proposed policies, legislation, and initiatives and how they impact Mississippi food and farm policy.
  • Vote for the Board of Directors of the Mississippi FPC.

 Membership levels and their respective dues:

  • Individual – $35.00                                                 
  • Student – $20.00     
  • Agency/Business/Non-Profit – $50

Terms of Membership:

Government agencies are non-voting members.  Each business or non-profit has one vote per paid membership.  Businesses and non-profits may have additional votes as long as dues are paid for each representative.

Dues are payable to the MFPC upon submission of the application form.

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